Violets: Grow the Intense Color of Small Flowers

For you who like to grow violets in your window, know that this plant is one of the most requested in the decoration of apartments and houses.

Violets have small, colorful flowers while their leaves are round with a deep green. The size of the violets is approximately 15 centimeters and their varieties go from 250 types.

In the Brazilian market it is possible to find violets with white petals, lilac, violet and even bicolor. If you want to decorate your home in a delicate and romantic way, we will teach you how to take care of violets in a simple and pleasant. Enjoy our ideas!

How to Care for Violets: Decorate all the environments of your home

See how taking care of violets is an easy and quick activity that you can do yourself in your own home. Violets are flowers that do not have a striking scent, but the beauty and its bright colors draw attention to the decoration .

How to care for violets depends on some observations, always try to grow them close to windows or balconies so that the plant has indirect sunlight. Another important tip of how to care for violets is not to wet the leaves as they rot.

How to care for violets can determine the abundant flowering of the plant, so use high quality substrates and do constant watering, but do not soak.

The violet flower in the vase is easily found in supermarkets, specialty shops in plants and free trade shows. Vases with violets are sold at affordable prices in several colors and you can purchase them with or without cachepot.

You can decorate your living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen with vases of violets in various colors. It is possible to find the violet flower with mixed petals or with edges of contrasting colors. Remember to protect your vase from violets from the sun and rain.

Meaning of the violet flower: Gift with the subtlety of colors

If you want to give friends and family with violet flower, discover the meaning of this beautiful, delicate little plant. The meaning of the violet flower is loyalty, but some people also consider that violets represent modesty.

For many growers, the meaning of the violet flower is tied to their colors as the kind of purple color that is ascribed to the mystery of magic and spirituality.

Another meaning of the violet flower is simplicity and delicacy, so giving someone with vases of violets is a way of showing love and subtlety. The beautiful colors of violets flowers are cultivated worldwide.

Violet flowers have different meanings from their color, but all kinds of violets convey a simple sensation because of their small size and delicacy.

The vases of violets that adorn the table were placed in small porcelain teapots and cups. This set is harmonized by the pink and violet tones of its flowers that perfectly match the print of the cachepots.

How to grow evergreen violets: Keep plants in shade half

Do you want to know how to grow evergreen violets? Follow our tips to decorate your home or office with the colors and the beauty of this delicate plant.

There are a few ways to grow violets that are always flowering, so follow the guidelines below and enjoy your violet flower for longer. Here’s how growing violet ever flowering can be a form of decoration and a means to combat stress.

Violet Flower: Learn how to grow

  1. Plant violets in pot with good drainage;
  2. Use an appropriate substrate;
  3. Choose healthy seedlings to transplant;
  4. Remove the weeds that are born around the violet flower;
  5. The violet flower should be watered daily with little amount of water;
  6. Never soak violet leaves;
  7. The violets take some time to adapt to the new vessel;
  8. Place the violet flower vase always in a bright place;

Caring for violets is a fairly simple task, embellish your windows with the delicacy of violet flower.

Violets are sold in plastic or ceramic pots

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