Pallet Wall: +70 Ideas and Do It Yourself

For you who likes the rustic style in the decoration of your house, the pallet wall is a beautiful and low cost coating trend. The reuse of pallets in the decoration has the concept of sustainability and the preservation of nature.

The pallet is a wooden, metal or plastic pallet that is generally used for moving loads through forklifts. This material in addition to helping to optimize transportation contributes significantly to the decoration of homes and offices.

Follow our post and see how you can use in decorating your environment a pallet wall. Check out some great ideas!

Pallet panel: Decorate with rustic material

The pallet panel can be used in the modern rustic décor or even in the classic decor. To decorate the various environments of your home it is possible to use your creativity and make a pallet panel differentiated for each room.

Before buying the pallets to create a panel you should measure the wall and calculate the amount of material needed. Also consider the type of finish you want to make on the pallet panel such as the application of paint, varnish or bitumen.

A wooden pallet panel can serve as a partition or structure for placement of plants, tv and decorative ornaments. This furniture is very used in decoration projects for internal and external areas of residences and corporate spaces

In the decoration of the study room or home office , the pallet panel was used against the wall. On the pallet wall the two niches help organize the workspace.

The luminaires were fixed to the wall of the pallet without the use of lamps or other lighting. The finish of the pallet wall is natural wood with varnish.

On the pallet wall a work was carried out with the rulers in diagonal in two different directions and in the finishing the original colors were preserved. The pallet wall completely occupies the bedside area of ​​the bed.

Wood pallet: Create furniture with sustainable materials

You can use the structure of a wooden pallet to manufacture and create various furniture for your home such as dividers, bar, coffee tables, bathroom cabinet, gourmet table, desks, among other models.

With the wooden pallet in the outdoor area, create vertical gardens, garden benches , small tables, gardeners and shelves. The wooden pallet allows the application of the most varied materials such as paper, fabric and enamel type paints.

As the wooden pallet is easily found in buildings or renovations as it is discarded after use, many decorators have begun to reuse the material to use in the decoration of various rooms like living room, kitchen , bedroom, bathroom and balcony. The wooden pallet structure in natural color was used in the decoration of the double room to accommodate decorative objects and the TV. Behind the wooden pallet panel the wiring of the tv is completely hidden. In the decoration of the living room the pallet wall and the structure of the base of the sofa complement the modern decoration with wooden pallet in the natural color.

How to support pallet panel

See how easy it is for you to create a mug holder in your coffee nozzle using the pallet panel. Check out the step of how to make the support with few materials to ensure a beautiful decorative effect. You can purchase a second-hand wooden pallet provided that its slats are not cracked, stained or imperfect. Remove the boards from the back of the frame and leave only the dais

Before painting your wooden pallet wall structure use a sandpaper to remove all imperfections and barbs from the slats. Then apply two coats of enamel paint of the color of your choice and wait for drying.After drying, separate some nails into L and attach to the frame with spacing of at least 15cm between the nails. To finish, install the wooden pallet panel on the wall with strong hooks. See how easy it is? The pallet panel holder for mugs is ready and will look beautiful in your coffee nook.The mug holder is a pallet panel that helps in the decoration and organization of the kitchen. It is an ideal decorative furniture to leave the atmosphere relaxed and charming.

Paint the wooden pallet with the enamel paint of the color of your choice

Wooden wall: Opt for noble material

The wooden wall is a coating that can be made with smooth or rustic material. This type of finish gives the environment a feeling of warmth and class.There are several options for wood wall cladding in different shapes and sizes. You can decorate with wooden wall living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, balconies, receptions and offices.The wall of wood is a versatile material and much used by decorators because it is a thermal coating that adapts to all climates.In the decoration of the living room was used in the wall of wood a rustic material and with natural finish. At the base of the sofas were used the same types of wood and the upholstered armchairs contrast with the color of the fabric in white.

In the decoration of the bathroom the pallet wall has blue paint and on the side wall were applied three slats of pallet with different shades as barred. The rustic bathroom decoration of the above image also has bench made of pallet in white color.

Decoration with pallets: Reaproveite the cheap structures

The decoration with pallets is one of the main tendencies of the actuality so much for real estate in the city as in the beach or in the field. You can take advantage of these structures to make panels, wall cladding, create furniture and many other decorative elements.Many parties elaborate decoration with pallets to bring to the environment a rustic and bare climate. It is a great solution for those who need to save money, but do not want to give up practicality and sophistication.A pallet decoration allows you to create unique and personalized environments without leaving aside its functionality to match all styles. The children ‘s room is decorated with palettes painted in white, blue, orange and yellow. The pallet wall is used to place decorative objects and also serves as hangers for hanging clothes.

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