Mickey’s Decoration: 95 Photos + Tips to Decorate Your Party

Mickey Mouse is one of Disney’s most beloved and charismatic characters, and it’s guaranteed presence in a lot of party decorations. Mickey’s decor can be made in many ways, some cleaner and more modern, others more fun and colorful, pleasing from the kids to the adults.

And if you’re planning a Mickey party decor we’ve done that post stuffed with inspirations and lots of Mickey birthday decorating ideas for you to whip up at your party. Check out!

Mickey Birthday Decoration

Theme parties are always a lot of fun and one of the most commonly used themes for birthday decorations is Mickey Mouse and all of its class. Mickey’s decoration can be used for both children’s parties and adult parties, so you have to think of details such as colors and decorative objects.Below you will check out some tips on how to elaborate Mickey’s party decoration from the Mickey baby decoration to the Mickey and Minnie decorating thus pleasing all audiences and tastes.

Simple Mickey Children’s Party Decoration

The Mickey decoration can be something super elaborate up to something simpler. For the simple Mickey kids party decoration it is important to invest in some decorative details that will help you to leave the decor more beautiful and well crafted.

Balloons are cheap and are guaranteed presence in almost every children’s party, so, capriche in the arrangements. You can choose more elaborate balloons, such as those that have the face of the character – being these more expensive – or if you prefer, use simpler balloons, however, that have the main colors of the character as black, white, red and also yellow , thus leaving the Mickey simple children’s party decoration more beautiful and cheerful.

Another simple Mickey kids party decorating tip that can make all the difference in the composition of the table is the candy decorated with tags – those little that can be made in various ways and are quite fun. To do this, it is enough to put little sticks with cardboard paper cut in the format of the head or the hand of Mickey in sweets like as was done in the picture below.

Mickey and Minnie Decoration

The Mickey and Minnie decoration is also heavily used in revelation tea and siblings birthday. For the decoration Mickey and Minnie there are no great secrets, the colors of the characters are practically the same, but of course if you prefer to put some shades of pink that refer to the character Minnie is also very interesting. Other details that are also well present in the Mickey and Minnie decorations are polka dot prints and bows, details that are used by Minnie and that give a more delicate and feminine touch to the decor.

Mickey Baby Decoration

The Mickey baby decoration is widely used for baby parties such as birthday parties or even anniversaries of one or two years. With lighter shades like pastels, the Mickey baby decoration is super delicate and with that warm air that brings us to the universe of babies.Usually the Mickey baby birthday decoration is all done in light blue and white, but of course, you can put other colors to make the Mickey baby decoration more fun, so use the rest of Mickey’s class as Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck and Minnie, and add some color details that are present in these characters. Below you can see how the Mickey baby decoration for a birthday party using other characters became super cheerful and delicate.

Mickey decorated cake

Mickey’s decorated cake is not only a detail of the decor, after all, the cake is the highlight of the table in Mickey’s party decoration and so it’s important that it be beautiful, very well crafted and clear, which is super tasty.

Some models of Mickey decorated cake are super well elaborated and true works of art, with several details and often using until the face of the character. It is very important that the Mickey decorated cake follow the same theme as the rest of Mickey’s birthday decoration, because there are many ways to decorate this party like Mickey on safari, Mickey Prince, Mickey Sailor, Mickey Baby among many others.
But if you prefer a simpler cake model for Mickey’s birthday decoration, know that it also has many possibilities as in the picture below, for example, where a whole black cake decorated with just one little Mickey doll on top was super charming and in harmony with Mickey’s birthday decoration simple.

Party favors for Mickey’s party decoration

The souvenirs, besides being party souvenir items for your guests to take home , can also help you to decorate during the party, so Mickey souvenirs are indispensable items for your birthday party if you chose the mouse most famous in the world as theme.

Just like in the decorated Mickey cake, the party favors also have to follow the style of the party, and besides the classic Mickey also has the Mickey sailor, safari, the character in the fantasy film, in fact, many possibilities of Mickey for you to make your souvenirs .
Some Mickey souvenirs are more classic like pots or bags with candies, chocolates and lollipops, keyrings, Mickey’s souvenir in felt or even in EVA, in addition, there are also more elaborate ideas like glasses and personalized bottles, cake pop with the character face, picture frames, biscuit dolls among other ideas.


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