How to Put Wallpaper: Learn and Apply Yourself

How to put wallpaper is one of the most used coatings to change the appearance of a space, know that you can completely transform the decoration of your home environment quickly and cleanly.

Changing coatings or painting environments often requires specialized professionals who make the cost of your work more expensive. As putting wallpaper is an easy task, you can perform this work yourself and at a low cost.

We have prepared a tutorial on how to put wallpaper so that you can follow the step by step in a simple and practical way. Enjoy our tips!

In the market, there is an immense variety of prints, colors, styles and textures for the wallpaper for bedroom , living room, kitchen, finally, for the whole house . With so many options, you will surely find one that pleases you and matches the environment you want to create, there you only have to choose between the options with adhesive and without, which can even be used on a plaster wall .

As you might imagine, wallpaper with adhesive is easier to apply and generates less dirt. However, to help you with the task of placing any wallpaper, whether with or without adhesive, we prepare a very easy step by step.

How to put wallpaper


  • Ladder;
  • Scissors;
  • Wet cloth;
  • Dry cloth;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Spatula for cutting;
  • Sharp stylus.

To know how to put wallpaper without adhesive, you will also need:

  • Powdered glue (100g per 30 m²);
  • Water;
  • Bucket to dilute the glue;
  • Paint roller.

How to put wallpaper – Step 1

First of all, you should leave the wall surface totally free of dirt and imperfections. Sand, if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth and allow it to dry naturally over time. If it is flawless, it is ready to receive wallpaper.

How to put wallpaper – Step 2

Measure the entire area where wallpaper will be applied to room or any other room. Cut the paper into the equivalent sizes you will need. We recommend that you leave about 10 cm left over the top and bottom as a margin of error.

How to put wallpaper – Step 3

If you are going to use the wallpaper without adhesive, mix the powdered glue with water in a bucket following the instructions on the glue package. Then apply it with plenty of center out of the paper with the paint roller.

How to put wallpaper – Step 4

Always start from the ceiling by placing the tip of the wallpaper to room or other spaces in the ceiling and gradually follow with the rest. Use a dry cloth to aid in bonding to prevent bubbles from getting in the way. Carefully pull down to the floor and check that it is not bent.

How to put wallpaper – Step 5

Repeat the process with the rest of the paper until you fill the desired area. If it forms bubbles, drill with a pin and pass the spatula in the area until the fault fades. Use the dry cloth on top to check for any imperfections or excess glue.

How to put wallpaper – Step 6

To finish the process, use the spatula to firmly limit the beginning and end of the wallpaper. Still with the help of the spatula, cut the excess wallpaper to room, room, kitchen or any environment with the stylus. Carefully pull the excess as soon as you are sure that the stylus has completely separated the areas.

How to put wallpaper: See the main advantages

For you who have already learned how to put wallpaper and want to change the look of their rooms, always invest in high quality materials to achieve the expected result.

The wallpaper is a synonym of taste and modernity, so many architects, decorators and designers choose this coating as a practical solution to transform environments.

As putting wallpaper creates noises and is also odorless, this type of work can be performed on homes that house children, the elderly, and animals. Another advantage is its durability that lasts around 12 years.

See some wallpaper templates to inspire your design



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