How to Make Cement Vessel: +40 Ideas and Step Step of Beautiful Pieces

For you who likes plants and want to decorate your home without spending much, we will teach you how to make cement vase using molds made of household utensils.With the technique of making cement pot you can adapt cardboard boxes, bowls, disposable cups, towel, among other objects to shape your pots. You can create sets for collections of various plant species, such as succulents.The cement pots have a rustic appearance, however they are pieces that can be used in any type of decoration . Check out our article on how to make cement vase for you to learn this unbelievable craftsmanship and decorate all of your environments. Enjoy our ideas!

How to Make Cement Pots with Towel: Choose Different Fabric Sizes

If you are curious about how to make a cement pot with towel, we have prepared a simple and inexpensive tutorial to develop modern and unique pieces. This type of vase is ideal for decorating outdoor areas or even the corner of the living room .

See below materials for how to make a cement pot with a towel:

  • Water;
  • Mortar ready for purchase;
  • Towel;
  • Bucket;
  • Mason’s shovel;
  • Basin for mixing;

Step by step how to make cement pot with towel

  1. The first step is to prepare the mortar and mix it with water. This mixture can not be too thick because the product needs to be absorbed by the towel;
  2. Stir the mortar to create a homogeneous mixture;
  3. Wet the towel with plenty of water and then immerse it in the mortar mixture.
  4. Make sure that the towel is completely wrapped in the mortar;
  5. Turn the bucket upside down and place the towel wrapped in mortar on top;
  6. The size of your vessel will depend on the size of the towel and the bucket;
  7. Let the towel dry completely over the bucket. After drying, your vase will be read

If you want to customize your bucket, you can paint the color of your preference and even create drawings, banners or different geometric shapes. Use your creativity!

How to make a bucket cement pot: Create several models

Do you know how to make cement pot with bucket or plastic pots as molds? We have selected some amazing ideas for you to craft this creative and very versatile craft. See below the step-by-step on how to make cement pot with bucket. Check out!

Separate the following materials below:

  • Water;
  • Mortar;
  • Kitchen oil;
  • Brush;
  • Mason’s shovel;
  • 2 buckets of different sizes (If you want, use plastic pots);
  • Basin for mixing;

Step by Step how to make cement pot with bucket

  1. Mix the mortar with water to form a homogeneous consistency and not too thick;
  2. In the two pots you are going to use to make a pot, pour oil into the inside of the larger bucket and into the outside of the smaller bucket;
  3. Fill the large bucket with the mortar halfway. Then center the small bucket and with the aid of some weight (Brick or sand) fill the bucket. The weight inside the small bucket will prevent the bucket from rising until the mortar has dried;
  4. Let it dry for 36 hours;
  5. After drying, unmount buckets;
  6. To facilitate the flow of water, drill a hole in the bottom of the pot;

A good tip for customizing your pieces is to use paints, sisal strings, wooden supports or even small colored stones.

How to Make Large Cement Vessel: Prepare a Suitable Space

For those of you who want to learn how to make a large cement vessel, know that this technique is a bit more complex than the models we taught earlier.

Before starting work you should reserve a suitable place for the five day cure of the cement vessel. It is important to take into consideration that you will leave the space dirty during the making of the piece, so cover the environment with thick plastic.

Here’s how to make great cement vase: Check out our Footsteps

  • Separate a plastic mold (bucket) of size 40X38cm;
  • Reserve a smaller bucket (3cm to 4cm smaller than the larger shape);
  • The difference in bucket size will be the thickness of the vessel;
  • Make a mixture of cement in the following proportions: Two and a half parts of sand sifted to one of cement.
  • Put it in a bowl and spray it with water. Stir enough to form a farofa;
  • The correct point is when the clod pressed by the hand breaks easily with a touch of a finger;

How to prepare a large cement vessel

  1. Put in the bottom of the larger bucket about 4cm of the cement mixture;
  2. Press the mixture until it is well compacted in the bottom of the bucket;
  3. With the aid of a pipe, make a hard drainage center of the vessel;
  4. Gently place the smaller vessel centrally;
  5. Fill the inner vessel with a weight so that it does not move during the placement of the mass for the formation of vessel walls;
  6. Then begin to place the mixture around the entire vessel up to half the height;
  7. With the aid of a piece of wood, compact the whole mixture. After this, put all the mixture to go compacting gradually until reaching the edge;
  8. Use the bricklayer to leave the edge straight and even;

After assembling the vessel, carefully remove the inner weights from the smaller mold and place dry sand into the cement vessel. To flip the bucket, use a ceramic or wood board on the edge. Turn the mold upside down and undo it very carefully.

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