Glass Pots: 65 Ideas to Reuse in Decoration and Organization

Did you know that glass jars and glass in general can take up to 1 million years to decompose? And if you have pots of glass in good condition at home , why get rid of them, right? You can do so much with these objects!

There are several ways to reuse glass jars, whether to organize or decorate the house. And the glass jars we’re talking about are these jars, jam, jelly, and the like that we always buy at the grocery store. If you still do not know what to do with yours, take inspiration from the examples and tutorials we’ve selected.

How to reuse glass jars for organization and decoration

Glass jars are really versatile and can be used in a variety of ways in the organization and decoration of the home. You can, for example, use decorated glass jars to decorate your rooms or rooms. Another possibility is to use your glass jars for groceries, seasonings and more. And to do this you can use your “natural” glass jars or you can customize them. For those who choose to make their own decorated glass jars, the possibilities are many: paint, make decoupagem, cover with fabrics, apply lines, use biscuit, attach knobs in the cover etc.
Next, we’ll show you some tutorials on how to decorate glass jars and we’ll also teach you how to take labels and sanitize your glass jars.

How to Clean and Remove Glass Jar Label

Before you reuse your glass jars and also begin to turn them into decorated glass jars, you will need to take the label off them and sanitize them. To do this, follow this step-by-step:

  • Wash pots and lids thoroughly with soap and water;
  • Put water to a boil in a pot that will accommodate your glass pots lying down;
  • Soak the glass pots in the water leaving the label completely submerged;
  • Wait about 20 minutes or until you realize that the label is loosening;
  • If the label does not come out completely alone, use a knife without a tip to lend a helping hand;
  • With the unlabeled glass jars, turn them in the boiling water so that it goes through the whole length of them, including all the interior;
  • Take out the glass pots and the lids put them with the mouth face up on a dishcloth;
  • Wait for the water to evaporate and they cool;
  • If a little glue is left on the label in the jars, wipe it with oil or olive oil and then wash it normally.
  • Following this simple step by step, you will have glass jars with clear lid. And, better still, with no food or scraps left over. That is, glass pots ready to be reused!

Discover how to decorate glass jars

Once you leave your glass jars clean, you can customize them the way you prefer. Whether it’s to organize or decorate the house, decorated glass jars have a lot more charm, so let’s teach a tutorial how to decorate glass jars and we’ll also bring you some step-by-step images for you to follow and make yours.

How to Decorate Glass Pots by Making them Colorful

Ever seen those decorated glass pots that are colorful but still transparent? Achieving this effect is much easier than you might think. To make your glass pots colorful, you will need:

  • Glass Pots
  • Stained glass varnish of your choice
  • Newspaper

With these items in hand, just follow our step by step how to decorate colored glass jars:

  1. Line the table with newspaper so it does not stain it during the process;
  2. Pour the stained glass varnish into your glass pots;
  3. Turn the liquid into the glass pots until it spreads throughout the interior;
  4. Return the liquid to the stained glass packaging;
  5. Let the glass pots rest from one day to the next with your mouth down on the newspaper.

That’s it! See how easy it is to make colorful decorated glass jars? And with that step by step, you can make your own set of glass pots of the same color or different colors.

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