Floor Lamp: Tips and Inspirations to Use One in Your Home

Floor lamps are a reference when it comes to decorative lighting. They are an excellent choice for lighting and decoration, often with only a floor lamp, because with its design it becomes a “sculpture piece”, which enriches the project as a whole and also creates a more cozy and welcoming atmosphere for the whole environment with a super nice light effect.The biggest challenge in a lighting project is to combine functionality and design in the environment and provide lighting options for the customer. Therefore, technical pieces are used that are more cleans and bring the light more “functional”, and the decorative pieces that give all the charm and bossa to the environment besides complement the general illumination.

Floor lamps can be used to make lamps or have a focused light for reading, the cool thing is when we achieve a mix of effects, so we leave the lighting more complex and interesting, meeting all the expectations of the client.For example, if you have a centerpiece of indirect light in your room, it would indicate a floor lamp with focused light or if it has spot rails, it would indicate a “lamp-type” dome piece that leaves a warm ambient light. In these 2 examples the effects of lights complement each other.Commercial environments can and should use this lighting device. The floor lamp has always been used in homes, but today this barrier has been broken and we have always included this type of luminaire in corporate environments. Nowadays, the “cold and totally formal” office concept gives way to the cozy, pleasant and funky office where the floor lamp fits fully.

Another nice tip, is to mix materials, colors and styles of floor lamp with its decoration.
Is your base neutral? We can insert a product with a spot color to break the monochrome. In a house where the color palette is predominantly gray, white and black we can use a yellow, red or blue piece, Is your decor more classic? We can dare with a more modern piece or with more rustic material like copper, brass or demolition wood.Personal file image. Look on Brass with filament lamp. this piece would certainly add a touch of modernity and design to a classic design.If you do not like fabric domes, we can use the carbon filament lamp that besides brightening is super charming and timeless.
For me the enlightenment, whether of residential or corporate projects, has to be thought of as an All. Considering all the light sources that will constitute the design is paramount for an excellent end result.The tip I always give customers is: Less is more. We use this premise in the decoration, but in the lighting it is not different. A very bright environment ends up becoming unpleasant and leaving people agitated and tired, since a poorly lit environment does not value production and leaves people sleepy. Knowing how to measure and create lighting is the key.

We should always think of the multiple use of spaces, for example the dining room can be used for a candlelit dinner or for a party with many friends. The lighting should be in line with the occasion. Therefore, I always indicate the suitability of the circuits of the environment, 1 circuits more “soft” and another more “lit” so we serve all kinds of uses and situations.

The floor lamp fits this concept because it can serve as softer light for the room or as functional office light, use your imagination and creativity the possibilities are numerous.

The lighting transforms the environments and creates sensations in the users, unites families and friends.

Look on Brass with filament lamp. this piece would certainly add a touch of modernity and design to a classic design.

The floor lamp with dome turns a large lamp with indirect light leaving the atmosphere more cozy and welcoming.

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