Decorating tricks for small apartments

The floors of the apartments built today are increasingly smaller. Learn how to decorate small apartments and get the best out of your property.

Small spaces seem to be easier to decorate, but that’s not how it works in practice. There are several points that deserve attention, as well as factors that must be taken into account, such as space optimization. After all, think about it: if the ambience of your apartment is already small, a decoration that does not respect the details of the footage, combining the functionality of the furniture with practicality and beauty of the composition will not favor it.With that in mind, we separate some decorating tips and learn how to decorate small apartments gaining space.

1. Prioritize traffic
Your space needs to be functional, so think that in a reduced environment, people will share space with furniture and need to move between them. Before you buy the furniture, take measurements off the walls and do not buy anything that goes beyond doors or leaves the feeling of a “clogged” environment of unnecessary parts. Another important tip is to prioritize walls and corners, use every corner without fear. Choose tables set in German corner, opt for folding tables or built-in furniture.

2. Use all spaces
To decorate a small apartment, you need to be creative. Learn that all spaces should be used, this includes wall and ceiling. Enjoy all the vertical spaces of your apartment. On the walls, abuse the shelves, they are a great option for storing books, picture frames, plush and other objects of decoration. Niches can also help you save space, they can be used in the living room, in the bathroom, in the service area and they know how to wander well between decoration items and accessories.

Using planned furniture is also a good outlet, in addition to having a unique design you can choose modern or traditional pieces and use the space of your apartment in a smart way.

3. Lighting and Colors
It is no news to anyone that good lighting in conjunction with the use of the right colors can enlarge a space. On the walls opt for light colors such as white, ice, pearl, nude, among others. This does not mean that your environment needs to be dull; bet on objects with colors, textures on upholstery, walls and details. For lighting use points of light, lampshade, a good center light and if you can, use mirrors. They reflect light, brighten dark places and leave the wall with the sensation of infinite.

In the bedroom or living room, save tables and mute servants, wager on decorative pendants, washers, pedestal floor lamps or let the natural light help you. Open the windows, use curtains with light and light fabrics and let the sun in.

4. Eliminate walls
This may be a controversial tip, but if your apartment project allows, how about joining environments and eliminating walls that delimit spaces? This is often seen in American kitchens that are engaged in the living room or service area. However it is possible to combine bedroom with living room, living room with library, transform your living room into dining room into an open space with armchairs, among many other options. Let your creativity define the best project and leave your apartment with your face.

5. Multi-purpose furniture
In addition to the tip on planned furniture, have you ever stopped to think about the economy of a 2-in-1 mobile? Coffee tables that can serve as a chest, sofas beds, cabinets inlaid with two sides (in some cases up to three sides, serving as wall separating the room from the room on one side, at the turn is a bookcase and the other side, inside the room , serves as wardrobes), are several furniture options that optimize space and have more than one functionality.

6. Doors
Finally, our tip is about the doors of your apartment. Yes, they also take up space from the environment and can be a problem when it comes to decoration. Include in your design the use of sliding doors or glass doors. Sliding doors follow the wall line and do not use circulation space like traditional models. Glass doors, however, give the impression that there is no partition between the rooms, increasing the perception of amplitude. So, just do not care about decorating these two environments, have them talk to each other.

ee how you can organize? With simple and uncomplicated tips to put into practice, it is possible to take advantage of the space of a small apartment so that it is functional without losing the style. Decorating a small apartment can be an incredible fun for you and your family, not to mention that having a space with your face and working in your day to day life is the best thing.

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