Creative Ideas: 20+ Inspirations to Decorate Your Party

One of the creative ideas for celebrating girls’ birthday is the Frozen party that appeals to children and adults because of its colorful decor .For you looking for decorating ideas for the Frozen party, know that it is possible to perform this event cheaply, simply and beautifully. You can find in the market several shops specialized in the decoration of parties with this theme.We elaborated in this post some creative ideas of the Frozen party for you to personalize and put together an incredible celebration. Check out our tips on how to decorate and get inspired!

Decorating ideas: Capriche in the details

There are several Frozen party decor ideas and you can create your own ornaments by customizing candies, cakes, tablecloths, chairs, bottles, among other details.To start elaborating the Frozen party some decorating ideas can not miss this theme as the various shades of blue, snowflakes symbols and the characters.Other decorating ideas important to Frozen party are the coconut candies, the carrot of Olaf’s nose and cold desserts. Always try sprinkling the candies with confectionery in the color blue and use dye in the glacés and whipped cream.At the Frozen party one of the decorating ideas was to use blue dye in the candies served in transparent cups. The chantilly of the cupcakes also received edible dyes in the whipped cream. The colors of the sweets complement the decoration of the table and the hall.

In the center of the table can be distributed some transparent glass jars adorned with satin ribbon and an ornament imitating a snowflake. This pot is ideal for you to place glazed wood cutlery in blue and silver.

Creative decoration: Personalize your event

For you to make a creative decoration of the Frozen party, think of all the details like the invitations, ornaments, cards to decorate the boxes and the little ones.The Frozen party uses the colors white and blue in almost all the decorations, because the theme of the story of the two sisters Elza and Anna happens in a very cold and icy region. A creative decoration for Frozen party can also use Olaf or Christopher as a character.If you like balloons, creatively decorate the wall behind the main arched table with shades ranging from blue to white. A creative decorating differential for frozen party are Olaf’s carrots that can be pasted into candy jars.You can make Frozen party favors with cellophane sachets to place sweets inside pots made of EVA. Glue each EVA pot to Olaf’s character or other child’s preference.

For those of you who want to make a creative décor without spending too much, use disposable cups with paintings of the drawing images. In disposable cups you can put popcorn, candy, mints or serve juices and soft drinks.

Creative Ideas for Princess Party

One of the themes most chosen among the girls to celebrate the birthday is the princess parties that have as main characters the cinderella, the rapunzel and the snow white.

In recent times one of the creative ideas for princess parties was the inclusion of characters in the Frozen drawing. You can make a cheap and creative décor using the story of the four Disney characters.There are several princess party ideas with cheap and creative decorations such as handing out wreaths made of cardboard paper, candy bags, colored bladders, among others.A cheap and creative decoration uses bow of bladders in pink and application of white flowers with yellow core. You can see in the image above that the panel has the drawings of the princesses and on the table were placed the castles and the carriage.At the picture above party the pink and white tones predominated in cheap and creative decor. On the cake was placed a golden crown to highlight the princess theme. The creative ideas for the princesses’ party adopt the characteristics of the characters.

Feast Frozen Creative Ideas: Decorate in Cold Tones

It is very easy to assemble one of this Frozen creative ideas in your home , but before you hold the event you should watch the drawing to use the princesses features.At the Frozen creative ideas party you need to seek inspiration from the cool and enchanting mood of the characters, so use materials such as light fabrics in white, blue and pink. You can choose to spruce the table in shades of green, blue and white water.If you want to make a cheap and creative decoration, use a white tablecloth with applications of paper cut in the shape of snowflakes on the table. The candy, the cake, the cups and other party items Frozen creative ideas should be made in color green and blue.The party cake Frozen creative ideas have whipped cream dyed in three shades of green applied in rose shapes across the surface. Some snowflakes made of American paste were carefully distributed over the cake. A crown completes the cake decor with style.In the party Frozen creative ideas for boys, the character Olaf is the highlight in the decoration. For the central table was a cake with the character on a tray worked in American mass in the green tones.

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