Craft with Popsicle Stick: See 72 Different Models

Who does not like a delicious popsicle on hot summer days, does not it? But have you thought about reusing the toothpick after the ice cream is over? Yes, there are several ways to make crafts with popsicle stick and for this you just have to put creativity into play and hand in the dough.

Take a look at our ideas for how to make popsicle crafts turning them into toys or even useful items to compose the home decor and get inspired with many popsicle craft photos. Check out!Bleow

Tips on how to make handicrafts with popsicle stick

If you are thinking about how to make handicrafts with popsicle stick, know that the possibilities are diverse, from niches to wall, door pictures, small decorative items to some toys for children is possible to make using the ice cream sticks, but of course for this happen you need to let the creativity flow or even inspire yourself with many photos of popsicle craft that you will be able to check in this post.

And contrary to what you can imagine, you do not have to go out sucking popsicles like there’s no tomorrow. In craft and stationery stores it is very easy to find packages with several units of popsicle sticks, usually between 50 and 100 units, which helps a lot who wants to elaborate bigger projects made with craft with popsicle stick.

It is also important to remember that if you really want to reuse ice cream sticks you need to clean them well before you start to make the crafts by washing the toothpicks with soap and water and let them dry in the sun.

Another important step of how to make handicraft with popsicle stick is to observe well how the finishing of the toothpicks is, because as they are made of wood, they can often end up with some crap or barbs, and it is even dangerous for those who think of making handicrafts with popsicle stick for children. So if it is splintered it is important to smear it a bit until it has a smooth surface.For simpler handicraft projects with popsicle stick, it is possible to use hot glue or even white school glue because the wood has an easy adhesion, but if your craft project is more elaborate, it is more interesting to use a wood glue.

Children’s Popsicle Craft

Teaching sustainability and showing children how to reuse various items is something very important and for this nothing better than creating some toys through the craft with children’s popsicle.If you already have more ability with DIY activities you can certainly create more elaborate toys for the fun of children. Some ideas would be a whole house made with ice cream sticks, or maybe furniture as a table and chair for a doll’s house and also a little airplane as you can see in the popsicle craft photos just below. Now if you’re not that good at hand skills, you do not have to be sad. Create simpler toys through children’s popsicle crafts, colorful little dolls are super interesting craft options with Popsicle Stick to make kids’ minds flow and help in creativity.

Craft with popsicle stick for home decoration

Have you thought about using ice cream sticks to decorate your home? So popsicle handicraft can yield several items that will help you compose the decor and also organize your home. One of these items that are a guarantee of an extra charm for the environment are the niches. They can be made in the traditional square shape, but can also have more elaborate shapes and even be painted to give a differential touch to the piece. Another very interesting idea of ​​handicrafts with popsicle stick to decorate the house is to make wall frames. The frames can provide extra charm for the decoration of the environment, and are super easy to do. Below you can see photos of handcrafted toothpicks decorating a wall with the darkest background, which gave even more prominence to the craft. If in addition to decorating you also want to create pieces to organize the environments, there are also some ideas like a trunk door to leave on your desk in the home office or even a door napkins, is super charming to decorate the table at that family lunch.

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