Climbing plants for gardens and walls.

The versatility of climbing plants allows them to be used to cover walls, trellises, walls, green fences and compose gardens. In addition, climbing plants promote a warm environment and refer to the delicious climate of the country houses. Viva Decora will teach you how to use climbing plants indoors. Check out!

Landscaping is of utmost importance for decorating an environment, whether in a small garden indoors or in outdoor areas that support large gardens. Decorating the house with climbing plants is sure to save money, as they can even replace wall coverings. But take it easy, as the plants develop and become more beautiful over time.

Indoor environments with vertical garden.

The choice of climbing plants is of paramount importance, since each species develops in a peculiar way. The wrong choice of these plants can bring losses and the lack of maintenance brings the impression of abandoned house. For fences and walls, use drained soil and plant the vine with at least 1 centimeter distance.

Using elements of wood and marble next to the plants is interesting, as it leaves the environment sober and at the same time cozy.

Romantic touch with flowering vines.

Bring the beauty and renewal of the flowers to your residence. The vines are resistant plants and even more beautiful when they have flowers. Look at the above design and understand how vines with flowers have changed the look of a simple pathway that probably leads the house to the backyard.

Dashboard with plants inside the house

Species of climbing plants with flowers.

Ideal for outdoor environments, the amor-agarradinho plant needs intense sunlight and adapts to different substrates, as it is a light plant. If you want to smell the flowers, you can choose the star jasmine, a fragrant species with white flowers and bright green leaves. Honeysuckle is an abundant plant, grows easily, has as its main characteristic the perfume and beauty of small flowers.

Widely used in living fences, walls and trellises, the seven-leagues is an imposing plant, it reaches up to 10 meters in length. If you want a rustic look, you can opt for the blue tumbérgia or the alamanda.

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