Boxes Decorated: +56 Models to Inspire You

Decorated boxes are perfect for decorating various environments and also help organize items such as scarves, costume jewelry, make-up products among other things, but in addition to being used at home , the decorated boxes are also great for wedding party favors , christened and anniversary, especially the decorated acrylic box.So here you will check out various ideas of decorated boxes and maybe even get inspired to put your hand in the dough and start producing your own decorative box.

Decorated wooden box

The decorated wooden box is one of the most popular and used to organize and decorate various environments. These models of decorated boxes can receive various techniques such as decoupage, ribbons, paint, stencil, lace and even collage cutouts in newspapers, magazines or even with photos.

The advantage of using the decorated wooden box is due to its resistance, being possible to use it even to store heavier items as tools. In the kitchen the decorated wooden box is used to store small kitchen utensils, tea parcels and spices, already in the bedroom, the decorated wooden box can stand on the dresser as a decorative object and also serve as a jewel case, especially when these decorated boxes have dividers.

Decorated shoe box

If you like handicrafts and DIY projects (do it yourself), the decorated boxes are, or have already been part of, a design, especially the decorated shoe box, after all, everyone has a shoe box at home that is not being used.

An important tip for anyone to use the decorated shoe box in the bathroom or kitchen is to always keep it away from wet surfaces and also from the fire, thus avoiding spoiling the decorated cardboard box or even causing an accident.

The decorated shoe box can be a great idea to decorate and organize the room , after all, it can be used to store stationery items, small children’s toys, scarves, brushes among other things.

To use the shoe box decorated in the decoration of the environments it is important that it conforms to the style of the space, so you prefer to use materials that match the style of the environment, for example, invest in fabric or paper of lighter colors and neutral to coat a shoe box that will be used in a more clean and minimalist environment.

In addition to the decoration item, it is also important that your decorated shoe box is functional, so you can even make a decorative box and sew items inside it, as you can see in the image below, where the box decorated also received strategic holes so that the tapes that are used in the sewing can be used without having to open the box all the time.

Decorated cardboard box

Just as with the shoe box, any other model of decorated cardboard box needs to be careful to use them in environments such as kitchen and bathroom .The decorated cardboard box can be found in various sizes and shapes, the round ones, for example, are widely used to enhance the closet decoration and store items such as scarves, socks, gloves and hats.

Another very cool idea for decorative box is that they can be made into beautiful gift packaging, and can even put references and details of the personality and tastes of the person who will be presented. Below we will show you some cardboard box inspirations decorated to be used as gift packaging, giving a final and super special touch to the end result of your gift.

Acrylic decorated box

The decorated acrylic box is a charm apart. Usually these decorated boxes are super delicate and very used to make wedding souvenirs , anniversary, baptized among other events.

The acrylic decorated box can receive ribbons of satin, lace, small artificial flowers and pearls to make them even more delicate and to give beautiful party favors.

But, in addition to beautiful little things, the decorated acrylic can also and should be used to decorate the house, especially the closet and bedroom. Today it is very common to use the acrylic box decorated to store those most precious jewelry and watches and leave exposed on the dresser in the closet, is a charm.

And to give an even more special touch to the decorated acrylic box that will be exposed on some furniture, you can put a pretty beautiful stone glued to the lid, which will serve as a handle to your decorated box.

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