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If you are a person who enjoys gardening, but looking for plants that are easy to care for and do not require much work, cacti may be what you are looking for. A curiosity is that its structure with thorns serves as a defense of herbivorous animals in wild soils. Thorns also serve to capture dew as an additional source of water in very arid regions.

With many varieties, cacti are attractive, beautiful and even carry a certain charisma in their various forms, colors and textures. The diversity of sizes also allows the cacti to be embedded in the decoration of almost all environments.

Mini cacti can be placed in the bathroom , in the kitchen or on the windowsill and the larger ones, in turn, in the yard and even in larger pots on the living room floor. As for style, it is very easy to adapt the cactus in your home. Using creative vases and matching textures, any environment becomes more beautiful and fun.

When you plant potted cacti, be careful with the drainage system so that excess water escapes and does not come in contact with the plant root. An important tip is to cover the potting soil with a layer of pebbles to keep the moisture out.

Another maintenance care for the vase with cacti is to always remove the mosses and weeds from the vase. Cacti need fertilizers for land and since you can not remove the soil to change it, add a suitable cacti fertilizer monthly.

Characteristics of semi desert landscapes, these plants are great for you, which has a tight routine and little time to take care of the little plants, but who want to have these plants full of charm to decorate the surroundings, giving a touch of nature’s green in its house , but without much effort.In the above decor, vases with cacti create a pleasant atmosphere in the corner of the living room. The vase with cacti was accommodated inside a wicker cachepot in white and black colors to match the upholstered and chair cushions.

Cacti: Plant and decorate with little maintenance

As we have said, the cacti do not give much work, typical of dry regions, but live very well in milder temperatures. In addition to beautifying the house, they need little watering done directly on the ground. About once a week when it is warmer and, in colder weather, watering can be increased to once every 15 days.

Cacti are found in several sizes and can make up a large garden outside the house, or stay in a small vase, on top of the kitchen countertop. They are plants that do not grow beyond the size of the pot you have, so you do not have to worry about the space available.

Cacti also look better when they sunbathe! If you have an area of ​​the house that catches enough sunlight, leave the cacti there. This type of plant loves to receive direct brightness and can spend hours this way without being harmed.The cactus flower is beautiful! It takes some time to appear, but the whole wait is worth it, you will see. As the cactus receives little water, in few waterings per week, it is not necessary to be planted in a pot with drainage holes and can be planted in glass and other decorative pots.Besides all this, this type of plant has a format that always grows proportionally, so it is not necessary to prune or cut other types.

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